Shrinking Women

Posted: January 29, 2014 in Life & People
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Shrinking Women

I finally found this video again :

Lily Myers – “Shrinking Women” (CUPSI 2013)

Lily Myers makes such a great point in her speech “Shrinking Women”, that it just needs to be shared! I had a grandma like that, I had a mom like that. I have been a wife like that, I have been and still am a mom like that.

Watch the video, and then read on…

I can’t say much more than Lily Myers said as the reactions from the audience go to both extremes of appreciation and lack thereof. As I think of the women, who have shaped my life, I see the parallels between this creative student’s poem “Shrinking Women” and my own life. I want to cry, I want to shout, I see how I myself have shrunken to a point where it is really hard to grow outward again…

It is true. Maybe the “Shrinking Women” don’t shrink as much on the outside, as much as they do on the inside. Regardless, if you really take a look, you will see it, more and more space being created around that woman of the house…

She gets smaller and smaller and frailer and sicker as others, her loved ones take up more and more space as she gives of herself until their is nothing left. Maybe…. unless she is being told how much her gifts are appreciated and how much she is really loved. Unless she is being told that she deserves a break and someone moves over to make a little bit more space for her to sit down and rest.

Please don’t let that wonderful woman shrink away until there is nothing left, until she vanished from sight and only leaves a sad memory of herself and a legacy of someone that made space so you could grow. Because if we can’t live side by side and make some room for the most important women in our lives, do we even deserve to live by their sides? Think about it!

Put an end to Shrinking Women and let them grow with you, step aside a bit and create some room for them, because they deserve it!

Love & Light,

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